Subscribe to your RSS feeds directly via email!

Feedbutler sends the newest posts of your subscribed RSS feeds summed up as a single email to you. So you stay up to date without having to open an extra feed reader.

Subscribe to blogs, articles, news, tutorials or YouTube channels as your personal newsletter.

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Why feeds in 2023?

In contrast to most short-living social media content, feeds allow you to subscribe to more comprehensive, well-curated content. This is especially useful when subscribing to scientific articles, tutorials, or posts covering technical topics.

Cool, so how does it work?

Feedbutler allows you to subscribe to feeds you are interested in. Then, you will receive an email every morning with new posts from your feeds. That's all! :). You do not have to look into an external feed reader anymore.

A beautiful email that is enjoying to read!

Feedbutler is built with aesthetics in mind. You will get an email with new posts grouped per feed.

Start by subscribing to your first feed!

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